I love real estate. My father was in real estate. I still remember the day, when I was about 6 years old, and I asked him, “Daddy, what do you do?” He replied, “I sell real estate.” Confused, I asked, “What is real estate?” He crouched down to meet my eyes while grabbing a handful of cool dirt. He said, “Open your hand.” I did as he asked and he put the earth into my hand and said, “This, my girl, is real estate. It’s what we can call our own. It’s where we raise our families. It’s where we create our story. There is very little that can create more meaning in our lives. That’s real estate. And, that’s why I sell it — to be part of another’s story.” 

It took me a long while to get what he was saying. But, now I know. And, dad, I agree. It’s why I still have a love of real estate to this day. Our dirt... our home... our space... is a significant part of our life and our life story  —  its' meaning and it is meaningful.

Yet, so many in my industry don’t think of it as such. They are in this business for the ‘sale.’ A transaction. A number. A commission. That’s never been okay with me. So, in 2008 (yes, the year of the real estate collapse) I founded GoodLife Realty. A different kind of real estate company. One whose values match those of my father. Where we have a love of the dirt. And, a love of the people who will live there. Over the years since the birth of GoodLife — I’ve won several awards in my industry. I’ve been recognized as a thought leader, disrupter, innovator, technologist… I’m proud of the accomplishments because I believe they are testimony to my commitment to do better real estate.

Beyond a love of real estate, I love tech. Most of my industry awards are for “innovation and technology". My brokerage was the first fully “Paperless” agency in the country. It was the first real estate website built on Word Press. It was recognized by Apple as a leader in small business for use of mobile technology. It was acknowledged by Evernote as a Digital Brand using the latest tech to better serve the consumer.

But, I do not love technology for technology sake. I love good tech for its' power to amplify my ability to take care of and serve my clients. Technology can be used as a tool and method for doing business better than without. The latest tech enables me to provide a far better experience and quality of service than ever before. What we have available to us today exponentially amplifies marketing, advertising and service capabilities — there is no comparison to what I can do for my clients today compared to when I started my career. Yet, most real estate agents in my industry continue to use the tools and practices I was using two decades ago!

And, guess where the most antiquated methodologies exist for marketing and selling homes? Luxury. Yes. That’s right.  Most agents who sell Luxury homes in Austin today are still doing real estate the old-fashioned way.

I believe that most are truly underserving their clients. And, I’m guessing you feel the same.  Haven’t you wondered why we in real estate are still in the dark ages? Do you wonder what you are paying for half the time?  

It’s been a pain spot of mine for some time — to observe the lack of tech in the Luxury real estate marketing. Where the most exciting tech — like Facebook Live, Snapchat, professional video production with actors, drone video and photography, Internet and social media advertising… can be used to truly market a Luxury home.

All of that back story brings us to where we are today. This newest chapter is evidence of my belief in “magical contingencies” — when things that are meant to happen magically fall into place. I’ve recognized for some time now that the Luxury real estate market in Austin is underserved when it comes to the latest marketing, technology and service trends wrapped up in a brilliant package of innovate real estate services. I’ve known that my vision for a Luxury real estate brand was lofty - meaning, it wouldn’t be easy. I would need the “just right” blend of people, tech, and partners. And, for years now — the perfect blend wasn’t available — so, my dream had been on hold.

Until now. 

Garry Wise + Jennifer Goodman: Two Leaders in the real estate industry join me to bring you GoodLife Luxury. Garry’s 19 years of Austin Luxury real estate sales combined with his intuition for vetting and utilizing the newest technology and Jennifer's 25 years of international marketing and advertising expertise combined with her thoughtful attention to every detail  produces an unparalleled 5-star experience for our Luxury clients.

A modern brand. For modern times. Our promise: Good People. Smart Tech. Stellar Service. What you should expect as a Luxury client. Our aim is to set a new standard in the Luxury real estate marketplace. We invite you to be part of our mission. We want you to be our client. Let us serve you.

We want to be part of your story.